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Tender for packaging materials for storage project

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Inquiry Notice

Inquiry Notice


1. Inquiry Notes:

1. Entrusted by the company, according to the "Company Procurement Management Measures", Guangdong Hejie International Supply Chain Co., Ltd. purchases packaging materials for storage by inquiry.

2. The company participating in the quotation (that is, the bidder) should be a legal enterprise with relevant qualifications and corresponding service capabilities.

3. Start time for submission of quotation documents: January 30, 2023.

4. Deadline for submitting quotation documents: 12 am on January 31, 2023.

5. Place and method of submitting quotation documents:

Quotation documents can be delivered by courier or on site with a sealed quotation document sealed in a sealed bag, or the sealed quotation document can be scanned and synthesized into an electronic version and sent to:

The submission address is: 5th Floor, Office Building, No. 2 Gangrong 2nd Street, Nansha District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.

6. The companies participating in this inquiry, please provide a copy of the industrial and commercial business license within the validity period when submitting the quotation documents, and attach the official seal to the quotation documents.

7. Each bidder shall provide the corresponding quotation according to the parameters and format required in the inquiry procurement document.

8. Each bidder shall bear all the expenses related to participating in the quotation. Regardless of the final result, our company has no obligation and responsibility to bear these costs under any circumstances.

9. Each bidder must carefully fill in the "Declaration of Bidder" and "Quotation Form" (the content must be true and honest, with clear handwriting and no omissions), and affix the official seal. The price quoted is the price that satisfies all the conditions of the inquiry document.

10. Please refer to the attachment for the details of this quotation, if there are other better solutions, we can also provide them together.


2. Inquiry principle:

This inquiry adopts the principle that the company that fully meets the inquiry requirements wins the bid at the lowest price .


3. Inquiry procedure:

The bidder shall quote an unchangeable quotation once in the quotation document. After the quotation deadline, our inquiry and bid evaluation team will determine the transaction unit according to the quotation documents received.


Fourth, the signing of the contract:

After the inquiry is over, we will issue a bid winning notice to the winning bidder and sign a contract with the winning bidder.


5. Payment method:

Payment method: Settle the bill at the end of each month, and pay with the invoice at the beginning of the next month.


6. Service requirements:

Execute in accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract.


Note: The quotation is quoted in RMB.



Attachments: 1. Quotation statement

2. Quotation form


Contact : Wang Ji 

Contact number: 020-39080161

Bidding document link: Extraction code: wbmq 

Inquiry Notice