Core Services

Import Customs Clearance

Enpro, with its extensive warehousing resources and professional service, provides customers with bonded warehouse storage at room or chill temperature bonded warehouse and cargo management (including goods sorting, labeling, packing, scanning and inventory, etc.) services. We are capable for application of various mode of customs declaration, including in and out of domestic and  overseas bonded  area, the customs declaration and clearance of Hong Kong, and preparation of qualification documents required by customs declaration.

Enpro  accepts  the  entrustment  of  the  consignee  of  import  goods,  signs  international  trade  contracts  on  behalf of customers, provides customers   with  the  qualification  of  receiving  import  goods ,  helps  customers  arrange  transportation,  and  all  import customs  clearance  procedures  after the arrival of  goods at the port, such as customs commodity inspection and inspection,  payment of taxes and  duties, goods release, etc., and provides customers with  one-stop worry-free services of agent import customs clearance.