Core Services

Import Logistics Distribution

Enpro has established good cooperative relations with many shipping companies all over the world. It can choose and organize the best means of transport and transport scheme according to the needs of cargo and voyage, and provide customers with freight forwarding services such as customs clearance at loading port, space booking, transportation, payment and document making. After many years of operation, Enpro keeps growing  and  has  set  up  several  branches in  major cities and ports  in mainland China, Hong Kong and the United States, striving to create a convenient, fast and  high-quality  environment  for  domestic and  foreign  customers to transport  goods. And  with many famous domestic and foreign shipping companies, airlines and freight forwarding companies to establish close business relations, has initially formed an international transport network. In order to better improve the service of import logistics supply chain, Enpro provides domestic logistics delivery services for customers  after  the clearance  of  goods at the port or  airport,  including  road transportation,  feeder  transportation  and, in the future, railway  transportation.