Core Services

Bonded Warehousing

The  goods  transported  from  abroad  are  bonded  (duty-free,  VAT free  and  approval free), and the shipper only needs to pay the freight and dock fee. Enpro takes advantage of the integration  and  linkage between the  bonded area and the port, focuses on providing warehousing and logistics services, and  further expands the four functions of  international  transit,  international distribution, international procurement center and international trade.


Bonded warehousing advantages: general trade export goods into the zone, as if leaving the country, can handle export tax rebate; Manual trade into  the  export zone ,  as if  leaving the country, goods can  be  freely  re-import;  To  comprehensively  solve the problem of  "Hong Kong tour" for  export-processing  enterprises;  Bonded  cargo collection  platform  for import and export; Goods imported from the area shall be exported in batches and declared at centralized customs; Can declare imports to be transported into the country (if general trade needs to pay tariffs and VAT ,  if  processing  trade  is  duty-free  and  VAT  free);   The  park can carry  out simple commercial processing, such as cargo classification, repackaging, packaging, selection, labeling,  brush  wheat  first class ;  Advantages:  reduce the  backlog  of  funds  in the circulation of goods; Shortening the cycle of capital circulation; Reduce operating costs and risks; Facilitate international and domestic distribution; Reduce logistics costs. Inspection, maintenance and product display.