innovation and development

Integrated Logistics Center

Located in Nansha Bonded Logistics Park, Enpro’s comprehensive logistics center has a total area of 55,500 ㎡, including 5,000 ㎡  of  office  buildings and 2,900 ㎡ of cold-storage warehouse.   The integrated  logistics center enables  Enpro SCM to continue to diversify  its  business and provide a  wider range of integrated logistics services. In the polymers business,  in addition  to  PE/PP  repackaging services, a variety of polymer  unloading ,  storage  and  repackaging  devices  will  enable  Enpro to provide  repackaging  services to a wide range of polymer  raw materials.

In addition, due to the rapid growth of imported frozen food, the demand for frozen food bonded storage and other logistics services  gradually  increased. Enpro SCM integrated logistics center's newly built full-automatic shelf freezer warehouse, with 3,500 plate-positions ( about   3,500 tons), is the first full-automatic shelf bonded freezer in the PRD region, providing reliable and high-quality cold chain services to imported frozen objects.