innovation and development

National Showroom

Located in Nansha bonded logistics park, Enpro SCM  National  Showroom  for  bonded  display and  trading  of imported goods. It is a special form  of  presentation  with  innovative business  model.  With  the cooperation  with foreign  governments  as  the background and  the  unique business advantages of Enpro, it can provide integrated services for general trade and cross-border e-commerce customers to display,  trade, financial settlement and logistics and transportation in the bonded area through  B2B. As a platform for displaying and trading imported  goods, Enpro Nansha  national  exhibition  hall  provides a window  for  Chinese consumers to understand and experience the cultures and products of different countries,  provides a bridge  for businesses  from all over the world to enter the Chinese market, and opens up a new channel  for the increase of total import and export trade of Nansha and tax income.