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Polymer Packaging Logistics Center

▲Excellent Location in Nansha,port of Guangzhou with Proximity to Market and Direct Connections with The Global Chemical Production Bases

▲Bonded Storage in Free Trade Zone

▲Professional Packaging Team with Focus on Quality and Safety

▲Automated Packaging Lines for 25kg FFS Bags and Jumbo-bags with Automatic Palletizing, Stretch-hooding and Bar-code Labeing

▲Temporary Storage in Silos for Removal of Excessive Moisture and Powder




Packaging Process – Highlights:




Pneumatic Conveying System with Elutriator for Separating Powder and Material.


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3 Modes of Packaging - 25 kg FFS bags, big bags and Bulk Fulfiller Container Loader.




Quality Assurance with metal debris detection, re-weighing and spray printing of product information on bags.




Palletizing with Bottom Film and Stretch Hood.




 Application of Product and Barcode Label for Bonded Storage.