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Electronic products and lighting systems

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The customer  is  a large  multinational  manufacturer of multiple suppliers and multiple factories. For the purpose of saving multiple port processing costs at the port of destination, Nansha  Enpro  comprehensive logistics  center is  selected  as the supplier's integrated warehouse for Vendor Consolidation.The customer requires that all suppliers located in the PRD, Yangtze river delta, southeast Asia and Europe, uniformly  send parts to  Nansha port, where Enpro performs a series of operations such as exchanging bill of  lading, container hauling, customs declaring, etc., and  store the parts  in  bonded warehouse. After  integrating  parts from local suppliers, customers can uniformly manage the parts inventory, re-exporting components to assembly lines such as Japan, Korea, southeast Asia, etc., or clearing them into China  before sending them to  domestic factories or other  customers. The customer  thus greatly  reduces  logistic operation costs and efficiently manages  the parts inventory from the multinational suppliers.