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Bonded repackaging and transit

The customer sends  the finished  polymer particles to Nansha in FCL packaging to maximize the loading rate of a single container. Upon the arrival of raw  materials at  Nansha port, Enpro will handle a  series of operations such as changing orders, hauling containers, customs clearance and entering the zone, and send polymer particles into the silos through the air delivery system for bonded storage.

After receiving the customer's  outbound  instruction, the polymer pellet raw  materials are repackaged into 25kg or 650kg packaging through a highly  automated  repackage  production  line,  part  of  the inventory is  cleared  out  of  the  customs  area and distributed to customers in the PRD  region,  part  is  shipped  to  other domestic  ports  through  domestic customs transit, and  part of the inventory is re-exported to Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, southeast Asia and other places by international shipping.

In order to reduce the inventory in the  warehouse, the customer sends the finished  products to Nansha before the final customer is determined. Enpro arranges DIT service for the customer, that is, after the products arrive at Nansha port, they can be temporarily stored in the original container at the wharf. During this period, the customer sells the products.

After the final customer has been  determined, the suitable transportation method can be arranged and the container will be shipped to the customer's designated place, domestic or abroad, by sea or by land.

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