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Integrated Logistics Center Project Shuttle Shelf Bidding Document 0404 (Annex 2-3)

Integrated Logistics Center Project Shuttle Shelf Bidding Document 0404 (Annex 2-3)

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4.3. Warranty period of more than 12 months after the acceptance of the project site. If there is a quality defect in the equipment provided by the seller during the warranty period, the warranty period is extended to 12 months after the quality defect is eliminated.
4.4. Scope of Warranty: Except for man-made damage caused by the buyer's use, intentional or unintentional damage of the third party, natural disasters and human force majeure factors, the seller shall be responsible for repairing and bearing all the costs when the system is not functioning properly.
4.5. During the warranty period, the seller will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the free shelves and shuttles and submit an inspection report. The maintenance agreement will be signed by both parties outside the warranty period.
4.6. When the buyer requests the seller to provide on-site service, the seller shall arrive at the scene within 24 hours; when the buyer requests emergency service, the seller must arrive at the scene within 12 hours after receiving the notice, and the fault shall be eliminated within 4 hours, and cannot be excluded. The car is guaranteed to run.
5. Acceptance rules: After the completion of the project, the buyer will organize and the buyers and sellers will participate in the acceptance. The main inspection items will be implemented according to the following terms. The buyer has the right to increase the inspection item when the acceptance procedure is initiated.
5.1. Acceptance of the manufacturing process: On the manufacturing side, the buyer and the seller participate together and inspect the product according to the manufacturing drawings. After the product is inspected, it will be shipped to the installation site.
5.2. Installation acceptance:
5.2.1. Shelf Acceptance: When testing, according to national standards, shelf installation and verification are carried out simultaneously. Verification with a level, laser beam, theodolite and sling.
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